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Helping Your Parent to a New Life

My parents knew they would eventually have to move somewhere. They lived 25 miles from Charlottesville, Va., the nearest city. Their home and 30-acre property in the Virginia countryside required upkeep. My father had undergone cancer surgery that affected his speech, and he worried about making himself understood by phone in an emergency. They would certainly move to town or close to one of their four children . . . someday. Read the story

10 Steps to Increase Your Parent’s Mental Agility and Memory

Forget almost everything you have been taught over the years about the aging human brain. Almost 70 years ago, a scientist declared that the aging brain diminished in memory, agility, and functionality while increasing in senility. Without much challenge, this theory was accepted for decades and taught as fact. Read More

How To Connect With Kids By Volunteering At School/Daycare

Schools, daycares and youth organizations all desperately plead for parent involvement to help enhance academics, activities, enrichment, and quality of care. Parents are a kid’s first and most important teacher, and parent involvement is closely linked to a academic achievement and self-confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Say “yes” the next time parent involvement is requested, or better yet, volunteer your time today. Here are ways to become involved. Read more


HALF THE PEOPLE ON EARTH are under 25. Some 1.8 billion are aged 10-25, history’s largest generation of adolescents, and about 85 per cent live in the developing world. Their decisions about sexual behavior and childbearing are critical to the planet’s future population size, dynamic and well-being. Read More

Sex and Aging

People seem to want and need to be close to others. As we grow older, many of us also want to continue an active, satisfying sex life. But the aging process may cause some changes. Read More

The Golden Age of Sex

Don’t believe the hype about sex fading with age. Relationships and sex remain a vital part of life for many people in midlife and beyond, an AARP survey shows. Read in detail

The best is yet to come…

More and more people are getting married at an age considered ripe for retirement previously. And in most cases, love and marriage seem to work better the second time around. Read More